Q. Do we need to book ahead?

Yes you do, especially in the weekends.

Q. Can I bathe while pregnant?

Yes you can, we recommend not heating the tub over 38 degrees Celsius and we can provide a thermometer to help you monitor the temperature. Remember to bring water with you and stay hydrated.

Q. Does spa admission get us into the outdoor pools?

No we are separate facilities. See swimzonepools.co.nz.

Q. Do you offer accommodation?

We don’t offer accommodation but there a number of accommodation options nearby. See tearohanz.co.nz.

Q. Can I bring a baby to bathe?

Yes you can, we recommend you keep the tub below 38 degrees Celsius and don’t take them in for more than 30 minutes. We recommend you keep your head above the water.

Q. Is there anything we need to bring?

It pays to bring towels with you or you can hire them for $5.00 each. It gets hot in the tub so it’s a good idea to bring a drink bottle.

Q. Can I hire swimsuits or shorts?

No we only hire towels.

Q. Can I go straight into a spa after walking up the mountain?

If you’ve walked to the top of the mountain we recommend having a rest and something to eat and drink before getting in the spa, it’s important you’re well hydrated.

Q. Can I purchase a gift voucher online

Yes, you can purchase vouchers for a variety of spas and treatments. Click here to view the selection.

Q. Is it okay to eat before bathing?

Yes we recommend you eat at least two hours before bathing.

Q. Do you add any chemicals to the water?

No our mineral water comes straight from the geyser at 92 degrees Celsius. We do use the town supply to cool the water.

Q. Are you open on public holidays?

We’re open every day except Christmas day.

 Please note:

Te Aroha Mineral Spas remain open under Alert Level 2. As always, bookings are essential. 
We have a number of additional precautions in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, such as:

  • Distancing measures in reception. We encourage visitors to pay by eftpos or paywave where possible
  • All visitors must provide a name and contact number for contact tracing
  • One bubble per spa booking

Be mindful, kind and patient of our staff and other visitors.

Please phone 07 884 8717 to book or click here to book online.

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